Brian “Fox” Ellis

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StoryWatchers Club™ Our Planet sharing the story, Walter The Water Molecule, that takes kids on an exciting journey through the water cycle, and StoryWatchers Club™ World Folktales, Vol. 1 sharing the story, Men-dow-min, a mesmerizing Ojibwa legend.

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Brian “Fox” Ellis travels the world collecting and telling stories specializing in ecological, international, and American folklore.  Through stories and song he celebrates what is most life-affirming and beautiful in the human experience.  Fox is a freelance writer who contributes to more than a dozen magazines each year and he is the author of eight books, including "THE WEB at Dragonfly Pond," (DAWN Publications 2006).  He teaches creative writing and storytelling across the curriculum.  Fox is a sought after keynote speaker at educational conferences.  During the summer he is the Riverlorian for the Spirit of Peoria riverboat, Telling Tales Tall and True.



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